2011 in Ace Tumblr History

Or, what I’ve seen semi-affectionately called “AceGate.”

First, here’s an overall thread reminiscing about 2011 on Asexual Agenda.

Also, many of the following links are on my blog, because I can search my own tags most effectively and keep records of things.  Whoo.

Next, please note that much of this was a clusterfuck happening pretty much all at once. The subsections are mostly topical.

“Are aces queer??” was probably the start.

“Asexual Privilege”

  • P much segued directly into from “heteroromantic (and aromantic) aces aren’t queer–they’re privileged!”
  • Privilege Denying Asexuals (an actual tumblr, started 6/1/11; you’ve been warned. This wasn’t the start, and it was probably a response to the Sexual Privilege Checklist tumblr below, but it was pretty symptomatic of the attitudes at the time in general)

#Damn My Asexual Privilege

“Sexual Privilege Checklist”

  • I wanted to start a conversation about, well, what do anti-ace experiences look like and have in common, and in what ways are we hurt by queer non-aces?  Especially given all the anti-ace queer policing that was happening.
  • Having been immersed in SJ activist privilege rhetoric, and excited about a new Binary Privilege Checklist which started conversation about anti-non-binary bias, I took this in the direction of a Sexual Privilege Checklist.
  • (So, who started the privilege checklist fight? I seriously do not know anymore. Heh it kinda looks like me but, that’s not how I remember it, but I’ve lost much of the context, you know how it goes.)
  • The call (by me) on 5/23/11
  • The Sexual Privilege Checklist tumblr (which I started, and ended)
  • My last two posts on the subject: -isms as better language on 6/29/12, and the failure of the tumblr, on 11/20/12 (plus its intention, and reflections, and why I was leaving it up).
  • ETA: …aaaand my reaction and thoughts after making this post.
  • This wasn’t a new idea though: 2/21/04 on AVEN
  • …and it still shows up in new independent places: 1/24/14 on EverydayFeminism.com from a quick google search

Further Reading on the Above: There were many, many more posts; here are the collections I’ve found (bless you Sciatrix):

Coining Allosexual

And that was 2011 in Ace Tumblr.  Far as I can recall and rebuild.  All this was before the #actuallyasexual and #actuallyacespectrum tags, too.

No wonder we call it things like “the debacle” and “the Great Ace-Hate” and “AceGate.”

EDIT: Please also see aceadmiral’s extension and notes about the anti-repulsed aces sentiment, the “but science!!” arguments, the nazi conspiracy theory of asexuality, and no-libido-no-trauma “true” asexual rhetoric…plus, the influx of folks from ontd_feminism, and the creation of tumblogs specifically just to argue against aces–no other content.


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