A Transparency Post

K, so. I’m currently freaking out a little and doing some serious reevaluating.

Mostly to do with, not previously knowing I was autistic or that I go non-verbal / non-English; not feeling allowed to claim non-verbalness; and, terrifyingly, consent, non-consent, grooming toward sexual violence, trauma, etc.

Any further readings on the above, or especially on differentiating between partners with mental illness and neurodivergence, and perpetuators of sexual violence, and the intricacy of that intersection, would be much appreciated.

Much of this is coming up because of comments discussion over here, but also because I’m currently digging into trauma in therapy, and trying to figure out why I have trauma symptoms anyway (like dissociation and missing memories).

Just to say: I have been using “grey consent” for a long time, years, because I haven’t had better words and because so much of me is grey (a/sexuality, paper/stone, gender, spirituality, brains, dis/ability) and because brainfog, access to thinking.

Yeah. Just a quick update.


3 thoughts on “A Transparency Post

  1. queenieofaces says:

    I don’t have any particular piece I can point you to (Elizabeth would be a good person to ask, ’cause she has a much wider knowledge of writing on sexual violence than I do), but I can put you in contact with someone through resourcesforacesurvivors who might be able to talk you through some of it, if you’d like.


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