draft land….

I have five partially-finished drafted posts for this blog, which could sort of be posted as-is, and zero spoons. Still here though. Maybe some direction would help.

Should I finish up the one about sexual pain disorders, the grey-a primer for therapists, the “hating allos” one, the femme one, or the giving/receiving one? Or write a brandnew one elaborating on rarity and attraction?


4 thoughts on “draft land….

  1. ngl I read through that list thinking “oooh I’m interested in that one… and that one… and that one… okay, all of them. I want all of them.”

    But, in lieu of attempting to download your thoughts on all of these subjects simultaneously, I’d suggest the sexual pain one first, just for the sake of narrowing it down.


  2. I also really like all of those draft ideas. I love what you wrote about rarity and attraction earlier, so I’m really interested in hearing your thoughts on that, too.

    I’m especially interested in the gray-a primer for therapists. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest posting it first though, as I understand (from perfectionist experience) that those sorts of guide posts are especially hard to write, and tend to be much longer than an average post would be. So take whatever time you feel you need on that one!

    I’m working on a project to promote ace-competence in therapists–making and providing resources, eventually collecting therapist recommendations to give to other aces (esp. survivors), and so on. I’m planning on doing a survey to collect more specific information about what aces’ experiences in therapy have been like, with particular attention to more covert, subtle things than just “your orientation is wrong, let me fix you.” I could use help with any of those things, and I know you’re both experienced with them and very insightful. So if you ever feel up for contributing in any way, however small, do get in contact with me–or Queenie, if you feel more comfortable talking to her, since we’re working together. We’d love to have you on board, and the post you’re working on sounds like it would make a wonderful contribution. 🙂

    But take care of yourself first, okay?

    I’d suggest that you focus on whichever post you find yourself most able to connect with right now–whether because it may be emotionally easier or something you just need to process through right now so that you can get it out. If you’re not connecting well with any of them, you can always try taking a break. We’ll still be here when you get back. 🙂

    I wish you happy days and many spoons!

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