annnd instantly outdated–“Beyond Inclusion”

So as I’m trying to smith some sort of comprehensive naming and intentionality, to spotlight pieces that when brought up seem to somehow jar the “all experiences welcome” basic group rules…

Suddenly, a challenger appears!

My therapist just lent me a book called Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment, and even from the first few pages I feel my paradigms shifting.

Inclusion, as inviting marginalized folks to participate and be folded into unchanged dominant-group power structures. As a feel-good look-at-us tactic that actually forces quiet assimilation.

And we’ll see what else it has to say, on empowerment and more; I’ll share highlights for sure.

That last post of mine…was important, for me to write, for my process. And I do think there is great power in naming. And things I missed, and can name but know little more about.lp

But yes, perhaps naming every-possible-thing is not only impossible or impractical, but not…enough.

(Of course it is not enough. But what further strategies, for intersectionality and making spaces safer for marginalized folks outside the main focus…only naming actual competencies? Or held facilitator identities? Accepting limitations, naming them? Giving up on comprehensivity altogether? Well, hopefully this book has more ideas.)

This update to say, I am trying and working to evolve my approach, this is extremely important to me, and more and more I’m recognizing (even as I feel alone in holding certain experiences), how far I have to go.

(Thanks for traveling with me.)


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