A Spiritual-whatever Exploration Manifesto

So as I’m getting ready to dig into recommended readings and my own journals/writings, I wanted to frame my process and keep myself on track.  Remember what I’ve already figured out, y’know?

And I figured, bonus points, if I lay it out here, maybe I’ll get even more tailored feedback and keywords and suggestions. Shouldn’t hurt.

So here’s my outline of what I know so far about my truth, my beliefs, my direction.

I want to hold on to:

  • no hell, no afterlife, no reincarnation, just oblivion
  • no conscious/sentient forces, no deities or spirits
  • there is a great Unconscious that is always self-balancing; there are energies, and facets
  • origin stories are irrelevant to me, not an answer I care about (evolution? bleh)
  • no such thing as sin (and doubt of such a thing as evil)

I want to explore:

  • timelines, multiverse
  • shaping and guiding the present timeline, jarring the wheel of time out of its rut
  • states of consciousness and perception (trance, epiphany, abjection, dissociation)
  • ritual, and theatre, and not-prayer-but-willing-of-energy
  • ways of reading meaning: tarot, elements, patterns
  • why others say “everything is sacred,” what that means, how impossible that is to fully constantly hold, how useful is the notion of sacred

I want to reject:

  • Gods, intent of supernatural beings, sin, evil, salvation, hell, heaven, reincarnation, evolution
  • universality, cultural appropration, unity and oneness
  • mindfulnessTM, meditation, visualization

2 thoughts on “A Spiritual-whatever Exploration Manifesto

  1. queenieofaces says:

    Hmm, yeah, okay, check out Taireido; I think it fits most if not all of your criteria. Also some of the neo-Confucian and Daoist stuff I recommended before. If it weren’t for the rejection of deities, I would also say Shinto? Maybe read some about that and see if there are bits of that that are of interest to you. (I definitely know some atheist Shinto priests, soooooooooo.) I can offer recommendations, AS USUAL.

    Liked by 1 person

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