secular atheist witch update

[complete with intensity-of-belief grammatical formality markers]

deities? spirits? sentient or conscious or animate supernatural beings? no.

energy? glue holding everything together? yes

timelines? a sort of path or plan? yes, dammit, despite all skepticism it just. yes. (Daoism? idk but meh universality/One Way)

divination? deja vu as meaningful? yes, who cares if it’s just my brain

energy manipulation? yes.  spells? no.  rituals? yes but let’s break it down hella secular, remove all religious affiliations and reasons

pagan? nooooo. unitarian universalist? nah, but at least they’re generally more conscious of privilege/power and appropriation and differences of belief

hell? NOP. afterlife? nah. reincarnation? no. oblivion? ye

elemental correspondences? like, Meaningful to me but also, dissect and destroy all Tables of Correspondences, where is this shit coming from. (i’ve always hated “rainy day” as bad and “sunny” as good, extrapolate 10,000fold to breaking down “earth = solid = north” nah yo. let’s Rebuild our own personal meanings)

prayer, worship? buzzwords noooo, but… willing energies, and being present. but also, not as Major tenets

existence of good/evil? whatEVER, geez. too hard. no answer.

creation/origin? who cares,

do we have a Purpose? kiiiiiiind of. weirdly. there is at least one+ path that can ever-so-slightly improve the world’s trajectory.

can science explain everything? mm…maybe, eventually, drawn out to infinity, but we’ll never get there and in the meantime we are wrong about a Lot of things, so practically no

does sin exist? not in that sense of the word, nope

does magic exist? probably

B)  so, the set of descriptors that seem to best describe me, for now, are “secular atheist witch.”  i think.


One thought on “secular atheist witch update

  1. queenieofaces says:

    Oh, another reading recommendation for you then: The Book of Changes (I-Ching). It’s earlier than Daoism and is a book for divination, among other things. I don’t normally recommend it to people because it’s Hard to Read (the first time I read it I absorbed about 30% of the words on the page but couldn’t figure out how they fit together), but I think you would do okay with it.

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