religious orientation

coyote’s post got me thinking, about umbrella terms

“spiritual but not religious” has a specific connotation and, in the US, usually means “believes in (the Christian) God but avoids organized religion”

…which is why i strongly dislike that option on surveys (who knows what will be read into it)

and “spiritual” itself seems so…centered around a notion of “spirit” / soul / entities, none of which connect for me

perhaps mystic might be a good word, for my particular location, for witchy supernatural but atheist a-spirit experience

regardless: i’ve been thinking about religious orientation as a nifty phrase.

especially being broken out into religious vs spiritual orientation, and ability to opt out of both

parallels to sexual and romantic orientation, and opting out as quoi or wtf or general grey? maybe?

anyway. “people of any religious or spiritual (or mystic!) non-/orientation”

clunky, but isn’t everything like this.


2 thoughts on “religious orientation

  1. Ooohhhh I love thinking about these words. Though. I don’t know if I know good solutions XD; I was thinking about it last night since I linked to Coyote’s conversation on Tumblr…and just called it “belief systems”. But these things aren’t just around belief, which has been a criticism of how religion is defined. Especially as a bias brought in by protestant Christianity.
    Mystic to me has been a poorly defined word? Well, I always thought of it as like….esoteric, supernatural, mysterious….stuff like that. But then I also see people apply it to Sufism, which doesn’t really have to do with mysteriousness and stuff? I dunno.
    Would religion encompass…dogma? Group affiliation? I mean, normally I think of spirituality as falling under religion (though not exclusively), but to be two separate orientations, should the specific instances of these words be limited to something more mutually exclusive?
    I really like the idea of this kind of orientation. I’m just not sure where the word boundaries lie.

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  2. I took notice of you using that phrase! Made me smile.

    Taking the model too far would imply something like religious attraction, which, ick — but thanks for the post + this term prompted some thoughts which led to me realizing what I dislike so much about the “path” metaphor for spirituality/ideology (as in “whichever spiritual path you walk” or whatever the phrase is).

    For what it’s worth, I considered using “mystic,” typed it out, and then deleted it. Wasn’t sure if there would be anyone reading who would identify with the word.

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