“this man id’s as graysexual and here’s what it means: [shitty af definition]”

god. what was that about all visibility being good??

((and ofc never ever able to tell what is reporter fixating on wrong shit, what is interviewee having toxic ideas i disagree with, who absolutized what piece of narrow definition….))


4 thoughts on “arrrrrggghhhh

  1. I watched the one-minute video linked within and I feel like the interviewee very likely subscribes to the idea that gray means “not sexual enough to be non-asexual, not sex-repulsed enough to be asexual.” Ugh. (I also would have liked it if the one-minute video didn’t have scantily clad dudes wiggling their crotch bulge…)

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  2. Yeah… I’m also annoyed they linked to that article that quoted me without permission. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re just lazily drawing their definition from that. Which… was a journalist making things up with no input from the people who were contacted for the story. If that was the case, then this is like… at least thrice-removed from an original source.

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  3. For what it’s worth, this is by a reporter who was basically banned from recruiting from the LA meetup group after badgering group members/trying to stealth interview people without permission/expressing a lot of ignorance about asexuality without much interest in learning/lying to potential interviewees/disrespecting pronouns/other general rude behavior.

    So I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a case of the reporter cherrypicking interviewees and quotes to get one that fit his own preconceptions.

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