winter reading?

open call for things i might like to read :0

i generally read everything both coyote and solipsistful post/link… and skim over the ace linkspams…

tbh right now i’m largely rereading house of leaves and various undertale fanfics.  and writing a bit of paper/touch and sexual-pain problems into fiction, yeehaw

gonna go on a treasure hunt for nuanced stuff on kink and sexual disorders.  i don’t really dare dive into trauma stuff directly atm, but any good pieces on spiritual or parental or medical or bullying is welcome. heh, even the abstract queer-theory-esque wanky stuff on space and hauntings and memory and identity (did i mention glasshouse was really really good? and also ow?)

novel-wise i’m deciding among titan, trouble on triton, oryx and crake, les guerilleres, schismatrix plus, and lilith’s brood, all on my shelf

reading time :V


4 thoughts on “winter reading?

  1. queenieofaces says:

    Since I’m recommending it to everyone under the sun, might I recommend Dragonoak???? Especially if you are into high fantasy but are also into non-binary inclusion and people of color and ladies crushing on ladies. Also the main character is grey-A! (I described it to my girlfriend as “traumatized ladies crushing on each other and talking about their feelings and also there’s magic too I guess” and she was like, “…was this book written for you…?” I am an embarrassing human being.)

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  2. Have you read Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom trilogy (also called the Abhorsen trilogy in the U.S.)? I just finished the trilogy and I was given the prequel, Clariel, as a gift, and I’ve heard that Clariel might be a character that very easily reads as ace?? 😀


  3. I can’t believe I’m doing this, but have you read Girl With All The Gifts? I got super triggery mad at part of it (re: straight couples as mandatory to the point of coercion vibes) and it’s horrendous that the Awful Awful Dudeman gets quasi-redeemed and the intelligence ableism stuff is ?? But… it’s got lots of horror hunger/cannabalism and child trauma and medical/sciencey/institution-themed violence and creepy stuff that I think might appeal to you. About the first third of it (approximately, I forget where things start going downhill) is very good.

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