femme and gender expression/presentation

aka “goddamn we need more words btw”

femme is Not

  • feminine
  • female
  • womanly
  • a certain type of aesthetic or appearance (lipstick or curves or sweatpants or waifishness or heels or flats or nikes or earrings or piercings or dressing up or carrying your head high or projecting confidence)

femme Is:

  • queer
  • and tied to queer history
  • woman-aligned
  • related to experiences of social embodiment.

gender presentation sounds so Intentionality and assumed and marked cues

gender expression sounds so Innate and unconscious

neutranimity was coined by someone who later said it was purely theoretical and couldn’t physically exist

so many questions of Legibility and identity as needing to be reflected/interpellated, which honestly is Shit w respect to nb gender

even the articles about how femme can be sweatpants and chronic disability conflate it with Aura and Attitude and Femaleness

the point is my social embodiment is Queer and woman-aligned

(and then garbled thoughts about [esp trans] men claiming femme innnn often misogynistic ways, blhhhh)

anyway i’m mostly really tired of femme = femininity (or even “queer femininity”)

and i guess i’ll post this after all


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