Ace & Paper: Contradictions(?)

So Coy wrote an excellent piece on ace and stone – how they have similar struggles, similar stigmas, yet are seen as incompatible and mutually exclusive, policed as wholly separate, all while holding some of the same draws to a community and identity. This is barely a summary, and I highly recommend reading the piece.

In the comments, I realized that oh, wow – some people were now seeing paper as incompatible with ace. Continue reading


grey survey to create a grey resource for AAW!

hey folks, if you haven’t already seen and/or completed grey-is-my-favourite-color’s survey, and you id as grey or related to grey, please consider doing so!!

it’s going to help create an awesome resource, and all in time for AAW.  huge kudos to Mara.

below are my answers along with the questions, for the curious 🙂

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autistic grace touch stuff

so Elizabeth just re-linked Sciatrix’s old 2011 carnival of aces…and it has some really good gems.  mmm talking about Rent and touch.

noli me tangere especially speaks to me about paper maché things and touch sensitivity and frame-of-mind and dissociation and embodiment and selectively wanting touch overload zzzt and. dang.

this is when i wish i knew and was involved in old autistic and nb and grace community; the trans yadas, and dreamwidths, and all of that. it feels like identity groups were more concentrated back then.

rrrrrr i want more talk of touch and identity intersections.