being unreal

And if I were to type like this?
Aside from coming across like a pretentious try-hard, I’d be tempting more than one ghost.

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belief (again)

been way too scrambled to put together an ace/christianity zine contribution, but had a like, *Bing* yesterday of ~categories

  1. things i find comforting to believe, and (so therefore?) do
  2. things i would find comforting to believe, if only i could, but i don’t/can’t
  3. things i find discouraging to believe, and (so therefore?) don’t
  4. things i find discouraging to believe, yet do anyway (and perhaps would like not to?)

[suicide talk]

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A Spiritual-whatever Exploration Manifesto

So as I’m getting ready to dig into recommended readings and my own journals/writings, I wanted to frame my process and keep myself on track.  Remember what I’ve already figured out, y’know?

And I figured, bonus points, if I lay it out here, maybe I’ll get even more tailored feedback and keywords and suggestions. Shouldn’t hurt.

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spirituality etc words

because oh right, i can ask y’all for input, sweet.

saw the phrase “atheist witch” for the first time today and it feels closer’n aught else so far. got me thinking again:

what would the word be, for someone who disbelieves in any kind of sentient god/s, but does believe in unconscious energies?

sure i’m a- -theist, but…uh…i believe in magical glue, and affecting the splitting of timelines. noooooot sciencey.

“spiritual” is abominably vague and has never conveyed what i’ve wanted. it’s too agnostic. i am definitely not agnostic.

and new age is so sharply derided without even the protection of Qualifying As Religion, plus it has particular tenets, sort of.

is there another word, not -theist but, i dunno, for not-god-but-still-supernatural? geez idk. “atheist witch” really is closer than anything else so far.