Grey and NB in Therapy: on CBT and the sneakiness of therapeutic abuse

This post is a submission to the June 2015 Carnival of Aces on the topic of mental health.

[Content warnings: self-blame, gaslighting, abuse, invalidation.]

A couple years ago, after an Ace Uncon session, I started a wikispace for ranking ace-competent mental health practitioners. Continue reading


A Spiritual-whatever Exploration Manifesto

So as I’m getting ready to dig into recommended readings and my own journals/writings, I wanted to frame my process and keep myself on track. ¬†Remember what I’ve already figured out, y’know?

And I figured, bonus points, if I lay it out here, maybe I’ll get even more tailored feedback and keywords and suggestions. Shouldn’t hurt.

So here’s my outline of what I know so far about my truth, my beliefs, my direction. Continue reading

…or i could just bail

Welp. Sorry ace uncon. It’s not you, it’s traffic + sore throat + being in a weird spot where talking about ace stuff might be dangerous/triggering/unsafe for me right now.

Back to writing in others’ comments sections, and the slow progress of therapy. Hell, maybe it’s time to jot over to the RAAS forum for a more controlled environment.

Ace Uncon 2015: the before

I’m going after all! ¬†Thanks providence for circulating my post about last year’s problems, and getting it to the organizers.

I’m in battle mode and ready to throw out people who’re being objectively fucked up (namely, transphobes in a trans caucus).

And I managed to scrape together a decent resource after all.

Now I’m wondering, how valuable would it be to host a session on quoi/WTF/dismantling Platonic ideas of fundamental concepts (like attraction types) and how to actually impart that… (or, y’know. if that’s more of a conversation for here.)

spirituality etc words

because oh right, i can ask y’all for input, sweet.

saw the phrase “atheist witch” for the first time today and it feels closer’n aught else so far. got me thinking again:

what would the word be, for someone who disbelieves in any kind of sentient god/s, but does believe in unconscious energies?

sure i’m a- -theist, but…uh…i believe in magical glue, and affecting the splitting of timelines. noooooot sciencey.

“spiritual” is abominably vague and has never conveyed what i’ve wanted. it’s too agnostic. i am definitely not agnostic.

and new age is so sharply derided without even the protection of Qualifying As Religion, plus it has particular tenets, sort of.

is there another word, not -theist but, i dunno, for not-god-but-still-supernatural? geez idk. “atheist witch” really is closer than anything else so far.