emi koyama on consent

really getting into a lot of what emi has written, but especially wanted to share this piece:

the presence of consent should not be confused with the fairness or equity of the contexts in which such consent occurs

We have many choices in life, but we often cannot choose the number and quality of choices that are presented to us or contexts in which we must make choices.

from 2011.  sound familiar?

(this is why i think context needs to be re-integrated into our words.  like, say, sex-favorable….)




“this man id’s as graysexual and here’s what it means: [shitty af definition]”

god. what was that about all visibility being good??

((and ofc never ever able to tell what is reporter fixating on wrong shit, what is interviewee having toxic ideas i disagree with, who absolutized what piece of narrow definition….))