winter reading?

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…or i could just bail

Welp. Sorry ace uncon. It’s not you, it’s traffic + sore throat + being in a weird spot where talking about ace stuff might be dangerous/triggering/unsafe for me right now.

Back to writing in others’ comments sections, and the slow progress of therapy. Hell, maybe it’s time to jot over to the RAAS forum for a more controlled environment.

draft land….

I have five partially-finished drafted posts for this blog, which could sort of be posted as-is, and zero spoons. Still here though. Maybe some direction would help.

Should I finish up the one about sexual pain disorders, the grey-a primer for therapists, the “hating allos” one, the femme one, or the giving/receiving one? Or write a brandnew one elaborating on rarity and attraction?


Hullo permablog world, did I make it in time to party?

I’ve been blogging on Tumblr since 2011 and, well, it worked as a place to make strong statements but bury them in layers of fandom and miscellany in order to dodge criticism. Good job, past self.

Now, however…strong statements ahoy.

I expect this shall be a mix of unburying/dusting off the old, and generating the shiny new.

Topics to include are primarily non-binariness, ace-spectrum, and paper/stone, all intersected with disability and each other. Probably also featuring femmeness, kink, and glitchy grey metaphor feels. Very probably.

Now, is this a reasonable post length? Not essay, not three-liner? Everything’s properly capitalized? *Ok Cool Hey Alright*